A Glimpse into life at mercyhill

god is moving.

We're growing a church community where Jesus is our first love, and everyone gets a second chance. Here's what that looks like each week!

Meet the team.

Shay Wood

Lead Pastor

Adrian Garza

Music Director

Allison Nichols

MercyKids Director

Josh Nichols

Connections & MercyKids

we set up every sunday

We show up at 8am (or sooner) at Prairie Vista Middle School.
We unload the trailer.
We set up the screens, projectors, sound equipment, video equipment, and lighting.
Our MercyKids Team sets up in the hallway outside the Cafetorium.
Our worship team runs through the music just after 9am.
We "Huddle" at 10am for vision, prayer, and announcements.
We are "in our places" at 10:30am, ready to welcome our guests!
Service begins at 11am, and lasts right at one hour.
We hang out for a bit after, prioritizing relationships.
We begin tearing down around 12:20pm, and we have the trailer loaded back up by 1pm!

Every Sunday is different, and we're getting better every week!

our volunteers are the best!

We can't do what we do without amazing volunteers who know their time is an eternal investment in the Kingdom. They're not just making a difference... they're living out their purpose!

raised to life

No one is too far gone for God to save them and make them new. We had an amazing time celebrating SIX Salvations and Baptisms this last Fall, and we've been honored to see NINE Salvations and EIGHT Baptisms since we started this journey!


We're seeing...
people saved
marriages restored
purpose discovered
hope found
skeptics believe
a city influenced


a new community of people building our lives around the life and teachings of a Resurrected Jesus.

Oh... and the best is yet to come!