YOU are the light of the world! At least, that's what Jesus said about you. Mercyhill Church is excited to adopt the Bless Every Home platform to resource & equip you to be a light to your neighbors and community.

You can use the Bless Every Home app to pray for your neighbors by name. You can also keep track of ways you served your neighbors and times you shared the great news of Jesus with them.

In addition to using the app, we encourage you to embrace the BLESS Practices as presented by Dave & Jon Ferguson in Bless: 5 Everyday Ways to Love Your Neighbor and Change the World. These are:
1. Begin with prayer
2. Listen
3. Eat
4. Serve
5. Share

Be a friend. Be a light. BLESS every home.
Pray for your neighbors daily. Bless Every Home selects 5 of your nearest neighbors each day to help you learn their names, pray for them, and begin building a relationship.

As you get to know your neighbor, saturating their home in prayer, you'll have the opportunity to meet them, share the great news of Jesus, and even help them take their next step of faith!

You can even journal notes to help you remember unique things about their life or situation as well as keep track of ways you served.